To request a Hydrant Flow Test:

  • Select the appropriate Fire District and you will be taken to the “Flow Test Request From”
  • If you do not know the Fire District, Click Here and follow the instructions page. Once you determine the appropriate Fire District, return to this page and select the appropriate Fire District from the list below and you will be taken to the “Flow Test Request From”.
  • All required maps must be attached and received.
    1. Submit aerial map of site with cross streets. If cross streets are not labeled on both maps and actual streets at site (new construction), zoom out until point of reference streets are able to be found via GPS. No hand drawn maps unless an aerial map is also submitted. If needed, submit two maps (close up and zoomed out)
    2. Note both hydrants on map with specific locations.
    3. Label the hydrant to be used for flow and for static. It is your choice.
    4. Show direction of north.
    5. Identify location of site/building.
    6. Provide tag numbers for both hydrants (if tagged).
    7. Payment must be received in order for the flow test to be scheduled.
  • To ensure timely flow test results please email request as soon as possible as there are times during the year that we may be 10 business days out. Subject to change due to emergencies.
  • Failure to submit all the information may result in the delay or inability to perform the flow test

Collier County Property Appraisers (Use the Search Database tab, type in address under the address search tab, select the parcel and view the fire district under the trim notice tab)

Please Select Your Fire District From Below: