North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District has also provided a guide to assist you in preparing for your inspections, as well as some additional and updated information. That guide can be found HERE.

FCP&P Introduction PDF
 FCP&P Table of Contents PDF


 Fire Department Access Dead Ends ACC09-01
 Fire Department Access Emergency Vehicle Access – Gates ACC09-02
 Fire Lane Turning Radius ACC09-03
 Fire Department Access Dead Ends ACC09-04


 Electric Monitoring of Fire Sprinkler Control Valves COD00-01
 Signage to Identify Buildings with Light Frame Truss Construction COD10-01


 Egress Window Replacement EWR10-01
 Egress Windows in Fire Rated Exterior Walls EWR12-01


 Audio Visual Device (Location and Candela Rating of) FAL01-01
 Fire Alarm Permit Submittal and Requirements FAL01-03
 Audible and Visible Signal Notification in Unoccupied Areas of a Shell Building FAL02-01
 Smoke Detectors Listed for use in Air Distribution Systems Connected to Fire Alarm FAL02-02
 Requirement for Fire Alarm Initiating Devices at Elevator Lobbies to Initiate Recall….. FAL02-03
 Elevator Lobby, Hoist way, and Associated Machine Room Smoke Detectors used for… FAL02-04
 Fire Alarm System Equipment Tests, Maintenance and Repair Reports FAL02-05
 The Installation of Manual Pull-Stations at Each Fire Sprinkler Riser for Each Building…. FAL02-07
 Class A, Style 7 Circuit Designation for Circuits Used to Monitor Multiple Buildings on… FAL02-08
 Applicability of Monitoring-only permits for campus-style arrangement FAL07-01
 Emergency Replacement of Nonfunctioning Fire Alarm System FAL07-02
 Flow Switch Timing FAL09-01
 Managed Facilities-based Voice Network (MFVN) Monitoring Attestation Criteria FAL09-02
 Signage Required at ALL Non-monitored Fire Alarm Pull Stations FAL10-01
 Use of Silent Knight 5104-B Communicator as stand-alone panel for monitoring of fire sprinkler system FAL 13-01
 Replacement of fire alarm control unit FAL 13-02


 Installation of duct-type smoke detectors listed for use in air distribution systems… FAL03-01
 Acceptable locations of duct-type smoke detectors installed in supply and/or… FAL03-02


 Maximum Distance between Fire Department Connections and Fire Hydrants FDC09-01
 Fire Department Connections Serving High Rise Buildings FDC09-02


 Inspection Fee Schedule for Fire Districts FEE09-01


 Fire Flow Test Requirements FLO09-01


 Fire Flow Test Requirements FLO09-01


Head of Wall Details for Rated Assemblies without Rated Head of Wall Requirements FWL01-01
Head of Wall Details Attachment PDF
UL Listings FWL12-01


Maximum Number of Buildings Utilizing one Fire Pump FSK02-02
 Fire Pump Enclosures Serving Multiple Buildings FSK02-03
 Aboveground Fire Protection System Piping FSK02-04
 Fire Department Connections FSK02-06
 Sprinkler Protection of Fire Pump Rooms, Buildings and/or Enclosures FSK02-07
 Fire Pumps Serving Multiple Buildings FSK02-08
 Sprinkler Protection for Existing Enclosed Lanai’s FSK03-01
 Canopy coverage – Mercantile Occupancies FSK06-01
 Sprinkler protection and acceptance testing for sprinklers supplied by domestic water FSK06-02
 Extrapolated Fire Flow FSK09-01
 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems FSK99-02
 Sprinkler attic and floor plans FSPK 13-01


 Fire Suppression Test, Maintenance and Repair Reports FSS02-01
 Protection of Residential type stoves in commercial buildings FSS03-01
 Fire Suppression Systems for Concession Stands FSS04-01


 Water Supply Hydrant Clearances HYD09-01
 Fire Hydrant Placement – Buildings Set Back From the Street HYD09-02
 Fire Hydrant Placement – General HYD09-03
 Structures that are within a 1000’ of a Water Main HYD09-04
 Point-of-Service HYD10-01


Inspection Requests INS09-01


Underground LP tanks in Traffic Areas LPG02-01


 Non-Adopted Standards NAS09-01


 Open Outdoor Fires, Incinerators, Outdoor Fireplaces OPB09-01


 Manual Wet Standpipe Systems in Buildings classified as three or four stories in height SDP09-01
 Standpipe Systems in non – high rise buildings, 5 Stories or more SDP09-02
 Standpipe Systems in high-rise buildings SDP09-03


 Fire Protection For Certain Golf Course Structures SHZ99-01


 Special Event Permitting Timeline Requirements SPE09-01


 Underground Contractors UND09-01
 Underground Fire Line Permits UND09-02
 Temporary Fire Protection Water Supply Requirements for Construction Sites UND99-02


Pressure-Reducing Valves VAL09-01


Water Heater Change Out Permit Requirements WH11-01