North Collier Fire Department – Fire Inspection Request

Current scheduling is 2 business days.

To ensure timely inspection services, the Collier County Fire Marshals require all inspection requests be received no later than 4:30 p.m.   You will receive confirmation of your request for inspection within 1 business day.

Time-specific inspection will be honored for a fee of $85.00.  Fee is to be paid prior to inspection at office (cash, check, credit card or money order).  Time-specific inspections require a 1-2 business day notice.  Your request may not be honored depending upon other scheduled time specific inspections already scheduled.  If you need an inspection sooner than the schedule allows you can request an overtime inspection by calling 239.597.9227.

Cancellation of any inspection shall be made no later than 7 a.m. the day of the inspection.  Failure to cancel the inspection by 7 a.m. shall result in re-inspection fees.

Approved Collier County stamped plans (original and revisions), permit cards and any additional documentation shall be on the job site at all times.  If these documents are not on the job site upon the inspector’s arrival the inspection shall be cancelled, and re-inspection fees applied.

By requesting any inspections, you grant permission for any Fire District in Collier County fire inspectors and/or firefighters to photograph all items related to the building or site to be inspected.

Only the Permit holder is authorized to call in an inspection on their respective permits.  Inspections will be scheduled in AM or PM blocks, fire inspector will call you when leaving the inspection before you.

Inspections may be cancelled or delayed due to fire rescue emergencies, however you will be notified if your inspection is canceled.

North Collier Fire Department Inspection Request

Fill out each section below.  Checkbox each type of inspection requested for section A.  Fill out all applicable information for Section B.  Then Choose one item from Section C.  After the form is completed press Submit button to send your request.

*Must be permit holder who schedules inspection request

North Collier Fire District Inspections Form

Section A

Checkbox Each Type of Inspection Requested

Fire stop details required - See link for directions


With state elevator inspector

Load Bank Test at time of final with generator contractor

Required in addition to Collier County

Section B

Provide All Applicable Information

Section C

Choose ONE.