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NCFD Annual or Business Tax License/Occupational License Inspection Request Form

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**Time specific inspections may be requested for an additional fee of $85.00 payable at the time of inspection. All requests require a minimum of a 48 hour notice and are subject to availability. A Business Tax License/Occupational License inspection is $75.00; this includes the initial inspection and one re-inspection visit. Please contact the office for a copy of the Fire Prevention Bureau Fees Schedule or visit our website. All fees must be paid prior to receiving the Notice of Fire Compliance. Fees will either be collected at time of inspection or have the invoice emailed to the email address provided. • All inspections require an 8-10' ladder at the time of the inspection. During an occupational license inspection, please be prepared to be on site during the inspection. • Inspections are scheduled AM (9-12) or PM (1-4), Monday through Friday, excluding District recognized holidays. • Cancellation of any inspection shall be made by 7:00 am the day of the inspection. Failure to cancel the inspection shall result in additional fees. Please note that all inspections may be delayed or cancelled due to fire related emergencies.