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[accordion titles=”Fees^Local Amendments to the Florida Fire Prevention Code^Special Instructions” type=”” type_style=”” sc_id=”sc514247016497″]

 Fire Code Plan Review & Inspection Fees 03/12/2009 PDF
 Fire Code Planning Related Review Fees 03/12/2009 PDF


Fire District Resolutions Amending the Florida Fire Prevention Code 07/17/2012 PDF
2007 Florida Fire Prevention Code Chapter 43 02/22/2009 PDF
Local Amendments to the Florida Fire Prevention Code 07/17/2012 PDF


Tent Installation Notification 01/26/2009 PDF
Temporary Fire Compliance 01/30/2013 PDF
Pre-Construction Meeting 01/30/2013 PDF
Architectural Revision Inspections 01/30/2013 PDF
FA & FS Revision Inspection Process 01/30/2013 PDF



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